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I officially hate english weather
It's snowed for at least a week now so I've been pretty housebound (imagine bambi on ice with a blindfold wearing stillettos..yeah? thats me) and today me and mum were meant to be going to see Sherlock Holmes, as the snow was getting better and now it's rained....and turned to ice.......It was meant to be part of my mums christmas present. I'm crossing my fingers hoping my mum changes her mind...(I'm sure this presents for her and not for me....hehe)  I seriously want to go and see it. I was meant to see Avatar on it's opening day and I couldn't cos of the snow.

I'd so not cope living somewhere where snows a regular occurance. I'd be a recluse!

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Captain Cardigan shares my pain!

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that sucks that :( hope you get to see it soon though :)

We're going tonight. She's not allowed to say no tonight lol.

Do you like my gif? ^-^

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